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Cornelis Vrolijk is an internationally-operating family business and the fifth generation is currently at the helm. We catch, farm, process and trade in fish and shrimp. Always with the aim of producing a high-quality, sustainable product for human consumption. Our core business is fishing and trade in pelagic fish (such as herring and mackerel). Other important activities include demersal fishing (for fish such as sole and plaice), and catching and farming shrimp (tropical or otherwise).

Our mission: 'With our fishing activities we provide an important contribution to the food security of millions of people. We do this, as a family business, with a focus on future generations while maintaining healthy fish stocks, minimising environmental impact and with committed and proud people. We stand for continuity whereby we treat the world around us with the utmost respect.‘ 

Our presence throughout the chain, from ship to shelf, means that we can capitalise on what consumers expect: a high-quality product, caught in a sustainable way, with a known provenance. Including partnerships, around 2,000 people around the world work for the Cornelis Vrolijk group.