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A natural product

Treating fish properly requires skill. Food is involved which everybody should be able to enjoy. This is why our fishermen immediately freeze the catch at sea. This ensures that our fish stays extra fresh.

Our vessels are designed so that Cornelis Vrolijk can deliver a pure, natural high-quality product that is also affordable at the same time. The fish is processed on board according to strict quality protocols (such as HACCP). The fish is kept in chilled seawater tanks with minimal loss of quality, frozen and then packaged within 6 - 12 hours of being caught.

The quality of our demersal fish is guaranteed to a greater or lesser extent by the way in which it is caught and the way the catch is treated on board. Our demersal trawlers catch the fish using the so-called pulse technique or with the fly-shoot method. In addition to the use of these two innovative fishing methods, the skippers and crew can achieve and maintain superior quality with their 'golden rule': not leaving the net underwater for too long, so as to prevent overfull nets and damage to the fish, and ensuring that the fish is transferred to the ice in the hold as quickly as possible. Around 2010, all vessels were fitted with flake ice machines. This has had a significant impact on the freshness and shelf life of the fish.