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Our CSR policy and its 4 pillars

Cornelis Vrolijk is a family business that has been active in the fishing industry since 1880 and wants to remain doing so in future, from generation to generation. In our business we take a long-term view which respects people and the environment. That is the essence of our CSR policy.

We set down our objectives and results in greater detail for each business activity in our CSR policy plans and CSR reports. The 4 pillars of our policy together describe what we stand for.

Every day, Cornelis Vrolijk supplies fish to millions of people. Our fish contributes to a healthy and affordable meal for people who have otherwise limited options to purchase healthy, protein-rich products.

As a family business we think in terms of generations, and we want our children and grandchildren to be able to continue fishing as well. So we fish sustainably, embracing innovations in the field of selective and environmentally-friendly fishing techniques. We also often work together with researchers to support responsible management of fish stocks.

We aim to run our business while taking account of the environment in all our activities at sea and on land. In all that we do, we try to see whether it can be done smarter. Could we produce less waste? Could we use less energy? We also work together with other companies in the chain in order to maximise re-use of products or raw materials.

To us, caring for people means looking after our employees, but it also includes having regard for people in the communities in which we are active. We are well aware that Cornelis Vrolijk as a company has a substantial impact on the lives of very many people. We use this leverage to obtain the greatest possible positive input to their welfare.