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A catch of the highest quality

In 2010 Cornelis Vrolijk did away with the traditional method of beam trawling to catch sole and plaice. The beam trawling lines have been replaced on all our vessels with the newly-developed pulse-fishing lines, in combination with a sumwing.

The pulse-fishing lines have many benefits. There is much less contact with the seabed, so hardly any sand and stones get into the net. As a consequence there is less damage to the catch. And the quality of the fish is better. Moreover, less contact with the seabed means a significant fuel saving.

Another fishing technique is the fly-shoot method. In this method the fish is surrounded on the seabed by two long lines. The net, which rolls over the seabed, is on the end of the lines. The lines are gently turned inwards, stirring up dust clouds on the seabed, which lures the fish into the net. In this way there is relatively little seabed disturbance from the net, and the fish can be hauled on board the vessel quickly.