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A family business established in 1880

The foundations for Cornelis Vrolijk were laid by Frank Vrolijk, who started in 1880 in Scheveningen, selling herring. From the start of the 20th century the shipping and trading companies were focused on herring fishing in the North Sea. In the early 1950s, his eldest son, Cornelis Vrolijk moved part of the business to IJmuiden, trading under the name Cornelis Vrolijk's Visserij Maatschappij BV.

The sixties saw the advent of the stern trawler. New methods of conserving were also introduced in our fishing activities and freezing installations and freezer holds were added on board so that fish could immediately be stored straight from the sea.  
At the end of the 1970s, what had been restricted to herring fishery was expanded to other species: mackerel and horse mackerel. The effect of this was to expand the sales market from North-West Europe to worldwide. Since then a large portion of our catch has been earmarked for the African and Asian market.

And Cornelis Vrolijk has also been active in fishing and farming of shrimp (tropical and otherwise) since the 90s through Primstar BV. The takeover of the Jaczon BV shipping company in 2005 meant an expansion of the fleet of freezer trawlers and the addition of a number of demersal trawlers on the North Sea. By acquiring Jac. den Dulk & Zonen BV (herring processing and wholesale) in 2016 and Seafood Parlevliet BV (herring processing and smokehouse), we are able to safeguard the chain from ship to shelf without any intervening links.