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From ship to shelf

Our trawlers are vertically integrated. That means that we freeze the fish that we catch on board, before selling the product ourselves. We supply a high-quality product that is caught in a sustainable way and has a known provenance. In addition we are flexible, so that the process can be continually adapted or corrected all the way along the chain. And a range of products from the shrimp and demersal trawler fishery is now guaranteed access to shelves. The chain is complete, without intervening links.

Cornelis Vrolijk is active throughout the chain:

  • In catching and trading pelagic, demersal and other species of fish with a fleet of modern freezer trawlers and an innovative fleet of demersal trawlers, through Cornelis Vrolijk BV and subsidiaries Jaczon BV, France Pélagique SAS and North Atlantic Fishing Company Ltd. Pelagic fish is stored in our own freezer units.
  • In catching, farming, trading and processing shrimp (tropical and otherwise), with a fleet of shrimp trawlers, through its subsidiary Primstar BV.

  • In fish processing and trade, through its subsidiaries Jac. den Dulk & Zonen BV and Seafood Parlevliet BV.